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Limited information on smallholder finance product design is preventing financial service providers from meeting the financing needs of smallholder farmers.

There are over 450 million smallholder farmers globally, supporting an estimated 2 billion people in their households. These households need access to financial services to help increase farm productivity, reduce their vulnerability to unexpected shocks and improve their livelihoods. Yet the current supply of financing available to them, ~$50 billion, represents only a quarter of the estimated total need of this population. Part of the issue is that financial service providers face high resource constraints to develop and deploy financial products that meet the needs of smallholder farmers.

SFPE Story

The Smallholder Finance Product Explorer is a project funded by the Mastercard Foundation & Open Society Foundations, and implemented by One Acre Fund and MIX from 2016–2019.

Project Objectives

The Smallholder Finance Product Explorer sought to catalyse product development and innovation by improving the quality and availability of operational data that helps drive product development.

Allowed financial service providers to showcase their work to investors on MIX Market building on data collected by RAF Learning Lab.

Insights from the tool helped organizations develop smallholder products more quickly and easily.

Project Archive

MIX and One Acre Fund have archived the taxonomy, dataset, and insights in a Reference Collection to ensure the knowledge and artefacts from this program are available for others to learn from and build upon. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the FSPs who have contributed data and participated in research efforts to help build better products for their smallholder clients. The financing gap in smallholder finance remains significant and philanthropic projects are required to support product development for FSPs.


Outlines the process used to develop the data standards for financial products offered by FSPs to smallholder farmers and details the fields, description & glossary for the resulting taxonomy.